Music for the Masses from LA Style Unveiled

We were so excited to be a featured guest blog last Friday on "The Lounge", LA Style Unveiled's Wedding Blog. Heather & Kimberly have made it easy for Los Angeles brides to find inspiration, vendors, and other resources. Make sure you check out their daily posts, especially their "Bride in the City" series which is our favorite!

Quick excerpt from the Elevated Pulse guest blog:

Music for the Masses - An Elevated Pulse Guest Blog
Friday, May 28, 2010 at 1:14PM
Let's face it, the most genius ipod playlist in the world can't read a crowd. Plus, let's not forget the scary possibility of your middle school guilty pleasures accidentally getting played for friends who've only known you in your cool years... Enter the DJ!
We asked
Elevated Pulse about how to play music that will charm the masses and keep you from blushing in embarassment. Read on and bonus... you can click the song names and hear a sample of the song ;)