You've probably been so busy trying to compile your "Must Play" list that you forgot to tell the DJ about songs you definitely do NOT want to hear on your wedding day. Can you just exchanged vows and had your big grand entrance and all of a sudden you're hearing "Another one bites the dust" or "Love Hurts" over the speakers?! (We're all fans of Queen but there's a time and place, right?!) Of course, most competent wedding DJ's will stay away from songs about breaking up, broken hearts, and any other negative lyrics by default, BUT, it's always helpful to give a short list of what you think is inappropriate for the big day. Your DJ won't know that song that reminds you of your "ex" unless you tell him!

It may even be as easy as saying "No Rap Music" so talk this over with your DJ and he/she will follow your lead. It is also extrememly important to let your DJ know that if a guest requests certain songs on your "do not play" list or along those lines, that they can take the liberty of telling them the songs were not approved by the bride and groom. (I've had to do this on numerous occasions, and while uncomfortable to tell the requesting guest "no", it means keeping the bride and groom happy :-)