Wedding Song Recommendations: Mother-Son Dance


“How do I choose a song for our father daughter dance?” “What if we don’t have a “song”, how do we choose our first dance track?” “We want to be different so what do you suggest for our grand entrance song?”

These are all great questions and ones that we hear all the time. So, we decided to start posting our best recommendations and even some creative song selections from our own clients to help all of our brides and grooms to be!

With Mother's Day just this past weekend we were reminded about how important it is to honor our Mom's at our weddings. But, one of the hardest wedding reception songs to choose is a mother son dance song. So difficult that sometimes, Grooms decide not to dance with their mothers. So, we tried to put a few past and present songs together that might work for our Grooms, or even just inspire an idea for another special song you know. Please listen and let us know what you think!

Song: Child of Mine Artist: Carole King

Song: Thank You Mom Artist: Good Charlotte This is a bit faster than most songs but not everyone wants to dance to a really slow song with their mothers so this is a great option. Also, your DJ should have the ability to slow it down slightly if you prefer.

Song: Ooh La La Artist: Counting Crows

Song: Your Song Artist: Elton John

Song: God Bless the Child Artist: Billie Holiday

*photo credit: Mike Arick Photography