Vintage Wedding at Franciscan Gardens


Aubrie and Danny are one of those couples that look like they stepped straight out of a magazine.  Lucky for Elevated Pulse, they stepped through our office doors and became our clients. We were happy to work with his fun loving couple who had one of the best cake cutting, or should I say, cake smashing moments I've seen. Aubrie and Danny also presented us with a common challenge among Brides and Grooms - blend their two different tastes in music for one special wedding reception. The Groom liked 90's and old school hip hop, while the Bride wanted a mix of country and contemporary top 40.  We rose to the occasion and strategically played songs that they both wanted to hear at just the right moments. The vintage design and details were planned by the talented team at A Good Affair and the yellow and grey color palette fits perfectly with the outdoor garden setting at Franciscan Gardens. Elevated Pulse provided some amber uplighting around the venue to accent those details. Enjoy the breathtaking photos captured by Priscila Valentina.

 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-7_zps45decc63.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-12_zpsf3b1969c.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-5_zps8e6791b9.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-9_zpsdb4c58a2.jpg
 photo copyPriscliaValentinaPhotography-MohrWedding-63_zpsac84f122.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-22_zpsebdfc2bf.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-10_zps1a595dab.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-11_zps6748f95b.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-8_zps8dc719c0.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-1_zps63c2b6f4.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-15_zps55431700.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-13_zps4cffccec.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-4_zps44cd9a79.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-16_zpse9f7153b.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-3_zps690a9a3d.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-17_zps311793bd.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-6_zpsce1a10f6.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-14_zpsedb5c642.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-2_zpsb5c9eadb.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-18_zps988ae2df.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-19_zps1e1eecdf.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-20_zps0bbbd1f1.jpg
 photo franciscan-gardens-elevated-pulse-21_zpse193a2cc.jpg

Venue: Franciscan Gardens Photography: Priscila Valentina Design & Coordination: A Good Affair DJ & Lighting: Elevated Pulse Productions Flowers: O & J Flowers Catering: 24 Carrots Catering