Announcing: Elevated Pulse Productions, Coast to Coast


The team at Elevated Pulse is thrilled to announce an exciting expansion to the bustling city of Boston! We are officially opening a branch later  this summer, offering our signature DJ entertainment service for weddings and events throughout New England.  Without the incredible opportunities we’ve had as a leading entertainment production company in Southern California, this would never be possible - so, thank you. We are humbled and honored to work with the finest event professionals and clients in California, which will continue for many years to come!

Why Boston you ask? Well, we have a piece of our hearts in Boston since owner, Brian Lee, grew up there. Boston sports are our “home team” and with a close network of family and friends in the area, it was an easy choice for our next location.

We have had the luxury of being at the very epicenter of nearly every wedding trend being located in California, and are eager to bring those influences to Boston weddings and events. Marrying the culturally eclectic vibe of the west coast with the east coast’s affinity for classic style will allow us to serve clients in both areas with a heightened creative sensibility.

To our new friends in Boston, we can’t wait to work with you! Please contact us and let’s get connected!