Real Wedding: Pelican Hill Resort


Carrie and Billy infused their personal style and sports enthusiasm into this beautiful and timeless white wedding at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast. The couple and their guests traded the cold Mid West winter for a few days in the warm winter sun in California. Brandi of High Society worked along with Inviting Occasions to create a laid back style and simple elegance for the wedding design. Elevated Pulse provided subtle white decor lighting to add to the natural feel of the event. And, we knew this was going to be a packed dance floor when the entire bridal party wore Nike sneakers! A favorite moment from the evening was when we played the last song, "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake, not knowing that it was the Bride and Groom's "song". We saw Carrie and Billy look at each other as the song began to play and it was a priceless moment.  photo pelican-hill-wedding-1_zpsccc59950.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-2_zpsab8be2f3.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-3_zps6cc1cf4a.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-4_zps572900fb.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-5_zps47017ac3.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-6_zpsc15bc036.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-7_zps998c567e.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-8_zps4a069234.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-9_zps3674d9ab.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-10_zps05a40e16.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-11_zps3e44761a.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-12_zps14c80a25.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-13_zps79e3b2c1.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-14_zpsca14f6b7.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-15_zps4af714b0.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-16_zpsde8ba00d.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-17_zps958e9c3c.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-18_zpsa0da38f6.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-19_zps613a1c46.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-20_zps48547859.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-21_zps8201f7be.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-22_zps3acebfb1.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-23_zpscce65648.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-24_zpse6b7b2b2.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-25_zps339f27ad.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-26_zpsc87da0a5.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-27_zps17bed7fa.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-28_zpsbaa04be0.jpg  photo pelican-hill-wedding-29_zpsc3bf4b79.jpg

Vendor List: Venue: Pelican Hill Resort Photography: RJ Kern Photo Planning and Coordination: High Society Wedding & Event Planning Floral Design: Inviting Occasion Hair and Makeup: Design Visage DJ & Lighting: Elevated Pulse Productions