Featured Venue: [Seven-Degrees]

If you are looking for an amazing and unique venue for your wedding, Elevated Pulse recommends Laguna Beach's Seven-Degrees. This place is a creative & artistic bride's dream come true! Of course, Laguna Beach is a busy hot spot during these summer days but this venue is tucked into the hills of Laguna Beach's backdrop so that if you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't find it.

With its prestigious architecture and forward thinking design, Seven-Degrees is definitely eye candy for any guest. They showcase original artwork throughout the venue giving unending amount of inspiration to any wedding planner or bride.

Why does Elevated Pulse love Seven-Degrees? Simple answer: Amazing in-house sound and lighting! This venue did not skimp on their sound and lighting budget. Their premiere system allows for music throughout the venue via built-in speakers. DJ's just plug and play!
Their automated dance lights are built into the ceiling and are most likely better than your typical night club. And, their on-site technicians really know what they're doing. They can accent your wedding with subtle lighting or go all out and completely transform any room to match the design and decor you envision.
Kudos to Seven-Degrees!