Real Wedding: Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club


It was almost a year ago that we celebrated Andrea & Andrew's wedding at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo, but we remember it like it was yesterday. The Bride and Groom tied the knot with an outdoor garden ceremony on a perfect November day. They are a young, sweet couple that really wanted to give their friends and family the party of a lifetime. And to create the perfect atmosphere, Elevated Pulse provided some key event lighting to transform the ballroom and add to their overall decor. We used a custom monogram light to shine on a favorite spot in the room so it would be captured in pictures perfectly. We used uplights and wash lights in a soft blush color for dinner but later used them along with our Intelligent Dance Lighting system to rock the house! This wedding crowd was one of the most fun we've had and the dance floor was packed the entire time. Congrats again to Andrea and Andrew and Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-8_zps807b2aaa.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-5_zps25ce85b8.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-6_zps26839bdb.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-7_zpsc728c3fa.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-9_zps38c52092.jpg
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 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-11_zps908d06c0.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-12_zps7396ab8f.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-13_zpsf20a11f9.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-4_zps80605220.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-14_zps113c8420.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-15_zpse0569f38.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-16_zpsdb34f788.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-17_zps707c75ff.jpg
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 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-20_zps1652de0d.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-19_zpsc30bc712.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-18_zps7a41a761.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-1_zps6ac145a8.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-2_zpsf1b05631.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-21_zps31ddd367.jpg
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 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-23_zps1c3294bf.jpg
 photo arroyo-trabuco-wedding-elevatedpulse-24_zpse23f7c15.jpg

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club Flowers: Janet Landreth Photography: Paul Von Reiter Videography: In the Clouds Weddings Cake: It's All About the Cake DJ & Lighting: Elevated Pulse Productions Car Service: Laguna Beach Rolls Royce