Wedding Song Recommendations: Grand Entrance


Today's wedding song suggestions from Elevated Pulse are all about the "Grand Entrance". This song choice signals the start of the celebration to all your guests so we suggest making it fun and upbeat. We often hear that the Grand Entrance song you choose will forever be associated with you as a couple and your wedding day whenever your guests hear it in the future so pick a great one! You can also decide whether to have one song just for the Bride & Groom's entrance and a separate choice for the Bridal Party entrance or use the same song for everyone. We hope you enjoy at least one of these recommendations.

Song: Safe and Sound   Artist: Capital Cities

Song: Treasure   Artist: Bruno Mars

Song: The Other Side   Artist: Jason Derulo

Song: Home   Artist: Phillip Phillips (for a more mellow entrance)

Song: This is Something   Artist: Kevin and the Octaves

Song: Without You   Artist: Usher & David Guetta