Up lights are the number one most popular lighting package because of their versatility. With these lights you can completely change the color of a room, or just highlight specific focus points like arches, columns, or the DJ booth. Up Lights can be coordinated to match your wedding colors or event theme and bring some added light both inside and outside of your venue. There is also the option to “sync” these lights and rotate colors throughout the night for a dramatic effect. Perhaps, you want to start with a soft blush color during dinner and when the dancing starts, change to a purple or blue!

These lights are called “up” lights because they do just that … they shine upwards from the floor on key areas around your venue (along the wall, against trees or greenery, highlighting pillars or columns, etc). There are two types of up lights which can be provided. LED up lights can match the cooler, brighter colors and give off no heat and are eco-friendly, using very little power to illuminate. Traditional Par Can up lights are less energy efficient but have the ability to match warm tones such as amber.  Both LED up lights and Par Can lights have their advantages and disadvantages so be sure to discuss what will work best with your wedding and event planning team.